Jamie Holcombe

USPTO eyeing encryption-in-use technology to secure claims data


CIO Jamie Holcombe says the capability could help protect patent applicants' sensitive claims data.

USPTO CIO: Pace of tech change continues to pose challenges for agencies acquiring IT services


Jamie Holcombe says contracts must be written in a way that allows swift adoption but avoids vendor lock-in.

Top three tech priorities at USPTO; Autonomy in DOD Weapons Systems; Making a winning TMF proposal


USPTO CIO Jamie Holcombe; former JAIC Director Jack Shanahan; former GSA CFO Gerard Badorrek.

USPTO chief information officer most excited about new search algorithms


Jamie Holcombe also weighed in on difficulties adopting new technologies that aren't FedRAMP authorized.

Machine learning speeding up patent classifications at USPTO


The agency sent its top engineers to Google to be certified in TensorFlow and develop neural network feedback loops for patent examiners to rate algorithms.

USPTO’s CIO on why scalability matters during a crisis


Jamie Holcombe says today’s crisis proves the importance of scalable services. To respond effectively to future events leaders need to review their service contracts.