James Mattis

Court says AWS is ‘likely to succeed’ in JEDI protest


In a document made public Friday evening, a federal judge writes that AWS is "likely to succeed on the merits of its argument that the DOD improperly evaluated" Microsoft's bid.

AWS wants depositions from Trump, Esper in JEDI lawsuit


The cloud computing company claims there are gaps in the discovery information provided by the Department of Defense about its evaluation of JEDI bids and eventual award to Microsoft.

Mattis establishes DOD task force to protect critical tech, information


The military "must ensure the integrity and security of our classified information, controlled unclassified information, and key data," the secretary of Defense said in a memo.

Is the Pentagon’s IT leadership about to get murkier?


A new addition to Pentagon leadership created by the fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Act could change the way the department's chief information officer handles the job.

Mattis looks to explore IT, cyber consolidation


President Donald Trump's new defense secretary is looking for ways to consolidate across the department certain business activities, such as information technology and cybersecurity.

Pentagon hackers-for-hire take just 4 hours to find critical vulnerability in sensitive system


The Pentagon's swat team has hosted highly-publicized challenges to find flaws in department and military branch websites, but they also recently orchestrated a more secret, complex project.