NASA agrees to insider threat risk assessment of unclassified systems


The agency plans to determine if the program needs to be expanded to protect more than just classified systems.

Agencies told to assess if they can end contracts for drones built by foreign adversaries


The executive order applies to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

CBP more than doubling autonomous sentry towers along Southwest border


The software involved could potentially help the Pentagon combat drones used by Iran-backed militias to scout bases prior to rocket and mortar attacks.

Officials worry Iran will target defense contractors with cyberattacks


There's also a fear that proxies could get involved.

NIST drafts enhanced cyber standards for defense contractors


NIST published a draft of new cybersecurity guidelines for defense contractors, a key attack point for adversaries seeking government secrets and IP.

DHS issues emergency order to prevent agency DNS hijacking


The order out of concern that federal agencies could be vulnerable to cyberattacks intended to gain access to the platforms used to manage domain name system (DNS) records.