Veterans to get iPhone health record access this summer


Within 24 hours of visiting a VA facility, veterans will be able to access their updated health information in the Apple Health app, according to the VA's plans.

NSF needs tighter controls on agency-owned iPhones


The agency has mobile device management software but could be using it better.

Majority of iPhone users have yet to update iOS in wake of Pegasus discovery


When news broke that three dangerous software vulnerabilities in Apple’s supremely popular mobile operating system were discovered by a collective team of researchers on August 24, the Cupertino, Calif.-based electronics giant sounded the alarm and quickly pushed out a remote security software update for iOS 9.3.5 to its customers. Apple’s reasonable concern, however, is apparently not shared by a majority of its customers, according to new data collected by San Francisco-based data analytics firm MixPanel.

How Apple can help the FBI


Earlier today, a federal judge ordered Apple to comply with the FBI’s request for technical assistance in the recovery of the San Bernadino gunmen’s iPhone 5C. Since then, many have argued whether these requests from the FBI are technically feasible given the support for strong encryption on iOS devices. Based on my initial reading of the request and my knowledge of the iOS platform, I believe all of the FBI’s requests are technically feasible.