insider threats

NASA agrees to insider threat risk assessment of unclassified systems


The agency plans to determine if the program needs to be expanded to protect more than just classified systems.

The evolution of insider threats and why security culture needs to change


Proofpoint’s resident CISO Deborah Watson discusses the growing threat of non-malicious insider threats to government data and how leaders can adapt their security approach.

Defense Digital Service looks to ‘SITH’ to stop insider threats before they happen


The prototype project is meant to deliver a proof-of-concept for automating insider threat tracking of cleared DOD staff.

Ex-NASA scientist imprisoned for ‘long-running deception’ working in China


Meyya Meyyappan was suspected of passing confidential research to China, raising questions about NASA's insider threat protections.

For cybersecurity, people are the new perimeter


Advances in user activity monitoring solutions can help agencies proactively mitigate cybersecurity risks and insider threats in real time.

TSA makes data a top priority for detecting insider threats


Terrorists sought to use insiders to attack the transportation system in 2019, and TSA is concerned they could use transnational criminal organization tactics to recruit or place insiders in the sector.