information warfare

Air Force assessing information warfare lessons from Ukraine-Russia conflict


There will be further analysis on what the value of cyber and the intelligence enterprise was and how that can be applied in the Pacific.

New Air Force information warfare commander wants to increase partnerships


Lt. Gen. Kevin Kennedy said one key lesson from his time as director of operations at U.S. Cyber Command was the importance of partnerships in the information environment.

Air Force outgoing commander says department’s information warfare command must scale


Lt. Gen. Timothy Haugh, reflects on his time standing up the service's first information warfare entity.

New leader chosen for Air Force’s information warfare command


Maj. Gen. Kevin Kennedy has been selected as the next commander of 16th Air Force.

Marines want to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the US military in the information space


With the Marine Corps finalizing the publication of its newest doctrine, information, it is seeking to be the persistent forward force for the joint community in this space.

New Marine Corps information command seeks to better link theater forces to the joint force


The recently announced Marine Corps Information Command aims to help coordinate theater forces and capabilities with the joint force.