Report: More domains, more problems


The further we move from .com, the more room we give hackers to target unsuspecting victims

The U.S. still oversees the Internet’s domain names — for now


The National Telecommunications and Information Administration extended its contract with ICANN to have enough time to properly transition away from IANA oversight.

Vint Cerf: U.S. needs to step away from ICANN oversight


Internet pioneer and Google chief evangelist Vint Cerf told an audience at the National Press Club Monday that the time has come for the U.S. to step away from ICANN oversight.

Witnesses to Senate panel: Time is right to transfer ICANN control


A panel told the Senate Commerce Committee Wednesday the world is ready for a multistakeholder model to oversee the organization that runs the Internet's domain name system.

ICANN: Phishing attack compromised systems


ICANN said it is investigating a breach of its internal systems that may have compromised several staff members' credentials.