How NIH uses federated credentialing to streamline data access


Deloitte and NIH security experts share practical ways to manage identity credentialing and access at scale in today's challenging cybersecurity environment.

DISA identity management service to reach entire DOD by next year


A new access management tool will reach all corners of the DOD by next year, a DISA official said.

General overseeing JADC2 says industry solutions ‘not good enough’


Industry has yet to deliver in the eyes of the top official leading JADC2.

HHS changed its business model in building the White House coronavirus system


HHS Protect currently collects more than 200 data sets from every state and territory. A lot of commercial off-the-shelf technology is involved.

Air Force and DISA working to secure off-the-shelf phones with specialized cases


The cases could allow military personnel to keep their phones with them in secure facilities that usually shun mobile devices, while helping to secure their communications when they're just out and about.

Government eyes ‘supporting role’ in identity management


Companies want to be your identity service providers and see the Social Security Administration as a test case for making verification more consistent and interoperable.