CISA releases Microsoft 365 security configuration baselines for pilots, public comment


A series of Google Workspace baselines are expected within months as part of the SCuBA project to protect sensitive information.

Microsoft challenges $1B task order award to AWS as part of C2E cloud solicitation


The Government Accountability Office is expected to make a decision about the disputed National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency award by Dec. 5.

IT and tech industry groups applaud passage of semiconductor CHIPS Act


Major federal government contractors like IBM anticipate using the funds to boost U.S. leadership in semiconductor innovation.

NOAA unveils 2 weather and climate supercomputers for improved forecasting


The new computing power will allow the service to get further ahead of catastrophic weather events like hurricanes.

Education Department replacing grants management system to handle awards increase


The department wants to improve user experience by making it easier to manage, monitor and review the outcomes of grants.

Big Tech promotes multi-cloud model to democratize access to NAIRR


Representatives of Google and IBM say a hybrid cloud approach would democratize access to the National AI Research Resource.