House Oversight and Reform Committee

Office of Personnel Management hack $63M settlement approved by federal judge


Unless there are further appeals, eligible claimants should start receiving payouts in early 2023.

Clare Martorana says FITARA scorecard should retain CIO reporting relationship metric


The scorecard currently includes a "CIO direct reporting" component, which assesses how much real authority each agency gives to their top IT leader.

Rep. Connolly launches bid for House Oversight Committee leadership


He is the first lawmaker to announce their candidacy for the soon-to-be-vacant ranking Democrat position.

FITARA has helped agencies save $24.8B on federal IT projects: GAO leader


Carol Harris says about 82% of federal government IT projects are now being developed using best practices set out in the FITARA scorecard.

House lawmakers probe NARA veterans’ records companies amid concerns over free document charges


Lawmakers say they are investigating three companies charging between $79 and $99 for veterans to obtain free-to-access documents.

IRS Commissioner calls IT modernization ‘virtually impossible’ with start-stop funding


Lawmakers disagree over whether the agency should receive extra funding to tackle its backlog of more than five million paper tax returns.