Hillary Clinton

Attempt to reinstate the congressional technology office falls flat in House


House Republicans blocked a measure to bring back the Office of Technology Assessment.

Federal IT contractors spent big on Hillary in 2016 election


Republican nominee Donal Trump may be the new president-elect, but federal IT contractors overwhelmingly put their money on Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton to win the race.

Election 2016: A recap of Clinton’s and Trump’s stances on tech and IT


Information Technology accounts for almost $90 billion of the federal budget each year, but in the recent presidential election cycle in which candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have spent much of their air time trying to defend past personal transgressions, tech policy has gotten scant attention from either of the White House hopeful, despite the fact that one of them will soon have the final authority over that budget request before it's sent to Congress for the next four years.

House lawmakers question IT contractor’s involvement in Clinton email scandal


The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee has turned its attention to an IT contractor that it believes may have aided former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in deleting her personal emails containing matters of official government business.

Scammers promise video proof of fake Clinton scandal, victims get malware instead


A uniquely strange email phishing campaign is finding success by convincing people to click a link that promises a non-existent video, purportedly showing democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton exchanging money with terrorists, according to Symantec's security research team​. When the supposed video download link is clicked, malware is instead installed onto the victim’s computer.

Don’t allow Russia’s hacking to go unpunished, experts warn U.S.


Pressure is building on the Obama administration to publicly identify the Russian hackers officials believe are behind cyberattacks on both the Democratic and Republican national parties.