Haley Van Dyck

USDS’ Haley Van Dyck departs the office she helped create


Van Dyck joined the White House in 2012 as a senior technology adviser, before going on to co-found USDS two years later.

USDS execs: Americans expect Uber-like government


‚ÄčThe federal government's struggle to provide effective citizen-facing IT services for the past few decades, culminating in the disastrous rollout of Healthcare.gov in 2013, is rooted in its inability to match the pace of technology evolution Americans have come to expect in the private sector, a group of digital government experts said Thursday.

3 things we learned from the USDS Medium interview


USDS Administrator Mikey Dickerson and Deputy Administrator Haley Van Dyck talked about where USDS has been and where it is headed in a wide-ranging interview