Air Force brings Hack-a-Sat back for second year


Hackers will again be unleashed on satellites operated by the Air Force for the second iteration of Hack-a-Sat.

Army launches ‘Hack the Army 3.0’ with more targets for cybersecurity researchers


White-hat hackers will have from mid-December to the end of January to find vulnerabilities in the army.mil domain and other areas specified by the Army.

Air Force wants cyber experts to ‘make a living’ off hacking its tech


The Air Force wants to do so many bug bounties that hackers can "make a living" off it. Eventually, hackers will be a brought into the design process.

Air Force ramps up use of white-hat hackers to test its IT networks


The Air Force is ramping up its efforts to hack its own networks, going far beyond traditional bug bounties.

DOD’s red team hackers struggle sharing vulnerabilities with military


The DOD's own red team hackers need to share the vulnerabilities they uncover with the military, among other issues, a new DOD IG report found.

Murky contractor ownership masks national security threats to IT


The Department of Defense hasn't done a good enough job assessing such threats, the Government Accountability Office found.