Hack the Air Force

Air Force enlists ethical hackers to target maintenance system from the inside


The Air Force wanted to see just how much "damage" or "malice" hackers could do from the inside.

Hack the Air Force 3.0 pays out $130,000 for 120 vulnerabilities found


DDS and HackerOne leaders say the challenge was noteworthy for its inclusivity and for the types of assets security researchers were invited to test.

Air Force opens itself up to hacking, again


It's the "most inclusive" bug bounty program to date, meaning that foreign nationals — except those from China, Russia, Iran or North Korea — are welcome to participate.

Hackers find Air Force vulnerability for biggest government bug bounty reward yet


The service paid the security professionals, Brett Buerhaus and Mathias Karlsson, $10,650 for discovering a flaw.