Guest Columns

Securing the future of federal networks with open standards


For the past few years, consolidation has been a key buzzword within federal government circles, but the concept isn’t really all that new.

Left wide open: Encryption and the public sector


Commentary: HyTrust co-founder and President Eric Chu lays out the reasons encryption is easier said than done in the public sector.

Do we need a new language to describe cybersecurity?


Cybersecurity terms like “zero-day attack” and “advanced persistent threat” carry connotations of armed conflict.

Why you can’t decide (And what to do about it)


Commentary: The rapidly changing digital world can leave tech executives feeling overwhelmed when they're faced with charting the course of their company's cybersecurity strategy.

Bridging the cybersecurity culture gap


Commentary: Organizations should consider how the idea of workplace safety has evolved if they want strategies for baking cybersecurity into their culture.

The innovator’s mindset


In the digital era, it's important not only for companies but also individuals to innovate. Fortunately, developing an innovator's mindset is possible.