Next phase of Army EW planning tool to focus on GPS denied environments


The next phase for the Electronic Warfare Planning and Management Tool will focus on positioning, navigation and timing.

Watchdog dings Defense Department’s alternative PNT programs for incomplete business cases


The lack of a full business case for alternative precision navigation and timing programs could lead to trouble down the road, the GAO is warning.

Air Force Research Lab to conduct more than 100 experiments with new navigation satellite


The Navigation Technology Satellite-3 (NTS-3) initiative comes at a time when GPS satellites, which the U.S. military, private sector and the average citizen depend on, are at risk of being jammed.

Escape the technology debt trap by infusing innovation into managed services contracts


Deloitte’s Sam Kapreilian shares his thoughts on how government agencies can boldly pivot managed services contracts to infuse innovation, modernization and improve customer experience.

CISA working group assessing cyber risks to space infrastructure


CISA's working group will emulate the public-private partnership used to protect pipeline operators.

DIU seeks tech to help fight GPS spoofing


DIU is looking for tech that could help the military detect GPS spoofing.