Google Public Sector

Google to offer Workspace as backup solution for govt entities in case they get hacked


The new solution is intended to support agencies that are hit with a cyber breach while using a competing tech company's products.

New Google Public Sector CEO Karen Dahut shares vision of ‘choice’ in the cloud


In an exclusive interview with FedScoop, Google Public Sector CEO Karen Dahut explains her vision for delivering more choice in the federal cloud marketplace.

Google Public Sector brings in new CEO Karen Dahut from Booz Allen Hamilton


The executive is tasked with expanding Google Public Sector's presence in the the federal, state and local government markets and growing its education sector portfolio.

NIST and Google sign agreement to produce open-source chips


Google will finance an initial production run of the new chips, which will be manufactured by Skywater Technology in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Google to create standalone public sector cloud services division


Google Public Sector will be a separate legal entity from Google Cloud operating as its own independent company with a board of advisers.