Gen. John Murray

The Army’s first software factory fully up and running


The Army's first software factory is up and running with its own office space in Austin Community College.

Gen. Murray makes pitch to stay the course on Army modernization


The Army modernization started under the Trump administration will continue — if the Army gets its way.

New software factory is ‘by soldiers, for soldiers,’ Army says


Like the Air Force's Kessel Run project, the Army's software factory will put important coding projects directly in the hands of military personnel instead of private companies.

Army working to team up its autonomous systems across domains with AI


In its work to achieve multi-domain operations, the Army is working on teaming together autonomous systems with AI-empowered data sharing.

Futures Command looking to grow Army tech talent through new educational programs


The Army wants to have more AI skills across its force, with technologists informing how it thinks about the future. So it's launching several new programs to educate and collaborate.

Army leadership talks up new Futures Command on Capitol Hill


Futures Command leaders addressed concerns from lawmakers in a hearing Thursday.