Future of Telework

Telework is here to stay in the Navy, at least for now


The Navy will cap in-office work at 50 percent, even for vaccinated sailors and civilians.

Let’s Talk About IT Ep. 18 — The future of telework in government


In a new episode of Let's Talk About IT, acting General Services Administrator Katy Kale joins the podcast to discuss her agency's move to mass remote work, why it's been successful and what's next.

Three recommendations to secure a hybrid workforce

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As leaders consider moves toward a hybrid work environment, security that embraces flexible policies and IT infrastructure can offer an equitable work experience.

Where DOD’s telework goes from here


Launching Commercial Virtual Remote in a matter of weeks was one of the largest technology lifts the DOD has ever undertaken — but it is just the start.

Remote work doesn’t mean the end of discovery sprints


Discovery sprints fail when the team lacks access to buildings, assets and people — the biggest challenge during a pandemic.

Vilsack looks to return USDA to more-liberal telework policy


Tom Vilsack said he's moving USDA back to a telework policy of allowing up to four days of remote work a week, which he rolled out in 2014 during his prior tenure.