Frank Konieczny

Telework boom expanded an existing headache: keeping track of software licenses


More mobile devices, more updates to apps — agencies like the USDA and the Air Force are confronting how to keep track of what software is on what machine, and why.

Air Force and DISA working to secure off-the-shelf phones with specialized cases


The cases could allow military personnel to keep their phones with them in secure facilities that usually shun mobile devices, while helping to secure their communications when they're just out and about.

When it comes to AI for security, ‘the marketing hype is at a 10, and delivery is at a 1’


Federal IT leaders weighed in on how they see the landscape at Tuesday's Security Transformation Summit.

Air Force bases embrace 5G to keep up with their planes


At a General Services Administration symposium, military and civilian agencies alike touted the new tech. GSA also launched a 5G customer experience campaign.

Air Force’s Frank Konieczny on cloud’s security challenges


Konieczny spoke with FedScoop at the Security Through Innovation Summit.