Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act

National Center for Health Statistics targeting fall launch of virtual data enclave


The launch of the enclave represents a culture shift as it works to share more data with researchers, says Neil Russell.

NASA data platform receives key authorization as CDO prepares to depart


NASA's first chief data officer Ron Thompson says the Enterprise Data Platform is a key part of his legacy.

NASA looks to automate data sharing with government and commercial partners


NASA is focused on engineering, operations and safety data, said Chief Data Officer Ron Thompson, who plans to depart in July.

OMB fills chief statistician vacancy after 2 years


Karin Orvis is tasked with ensuring the government has high-quality, actionable data to inform policy decisions.

$1.5T spending bill is a mixed bag for IT modernization funds


The fiscal 2022 legislation doesn't include any money for the Technology Modernization Fund but increases funding for some IRS and HHS efforts.

USAID going above and beyond Evidence Act requirements


The agency expanded its evaluation registry to include the questions in its learning agenda.