Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

CDC expands Palantir’s non-COVID disease surveillance contract again


Palantir continues to modernize the CDC's data infrastructure to perform genomic sequencing of disease variants and track them and their outcomes.

FDA made improving diagnostic test data the focus of its pandemic response


The agency is a part of four interagency working groups and has launched three internal efforts to improve data quality.

Agencies sharing AI use cases after December executive order


Components within the Department of Veterans Affairs are working together to create an AI use case catalog.

FDA undertaking ‘unprecedented’ data infrastructure modernization during the pandemic


The agency hired a chief data officer and is forming a data team to develop the wireless infrastructure needed to capture information coming in from new technologies.

Biden’s COVID-19 strategy promises data-driven response, improved IT interoperability


Data support teams will help states and localities struggling to provide timely, reliable data on the virus' spread.

Palantir lands $44.4M FDA contract for data management and analytics platform


FDA is the latest health agency to expand its relationship with the Silicon Valley company.