FIDO Alliance

White House to public: ‘Lock down your login!’


The Obama administration and a bevy of non-profits and technology and financial services companies joined forces Wednesday in a publicity campaign to get Americans to stop relying on passwords and use stronger methods of online identity authentication.

Will Yahoo breach finally get us past the password?


The Yahoo hack — the largest breach of user account data in history — has focussed attention once again on the vulnerabilities inherent in the humble password. And cybersecurity experts say we might be nearing the point at which large numbers of consumers finally stop relying on them.

Why moving away from one-time SMS passwords is a good thing


Don't panic. That's the message from the U.S. government's former czar for secure online identity about the feds' recent move toward phasing out SMS-based one-time passwords as a second-factor ID.

Study: Device-side biometrics better for privacy, security


Government agencies and technology companies using biometric identifiers like fingerprints or facial recognition to replace passwords should eschew large databases of citizens' personal data, a study out Thursday says.