Transition to federal health data standards an ‘unfunded mandate’ for smaller providers


Large, technically savvy hospitals tend to have an easier time adopting FHIR R4.

New health record data standard adoption remains stagnant, ONC finds


The study found that administrative apps typically don't support the new standard.

HHS to issue timeline for health care data sharing guidance in coming months


New standards on network interoperability will help the agency respond more effectively to a future pandemic.

ONC wants help exploring FHIR-based servers and their vulnerabilities


ONC officials have launched a challenge to industry stakeholders to build FHIR-based servers and then see if they can be hacked.

HHS launches cash contest for health IT app designers


The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT has launched a pair of cash prize contests for health IT developers building apps using the increasingly popular electronic health record standard Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources — better known as FHIR.