Federal CISO Council

Presidential advisory committee finds zero-trust push an ‘incomplete experiment’


NSTAC says the strategy's principles have yet to be fully integrated into federal governance policies and programs.

CISA releases finalized IPv6 security considerations for TIC 3.0 implementation


The new guidance explains how the transition will affect network management operations.

Agencies moving away from VPNs as they implement TIC 3.0


TIC 3.0 lets agencies plan remote user access while shrinking trust zones around high-value assets to reduce their attack surface.

TIC program in ‘final stage’ before releasing remaining initial 3.0 guidance


The Overlay Handbook and Traditional TIC and Branch Office use cases are coming, with a draft of the remote user use case expected by the end of 2020.

CISA finalizes trio of TIC 3.0 documents


The Program Guidebook, Reference Architecture and renamed Security Capabilities Catalog were updated with new architecture concepts.