New CTO joins Food and Drug Administration


Vid Desai will oversee the development of emerging technologies to improve public health out of the Office of Information Management and Technology.

FDA CIO heads to HHS headquarters for a new role as chief product officer


In the CPO job, Simpson will focus on exploring new and emerging technologies.

Digital Transformation Heroes — FDA CIO Todd Simpson


Simpson joins FedScoop to discuss digital transformation in the federal government.

FDA approved? Misconfigured networks were connected to the public internet


The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, failed to implement agency-wide cybersecurity programs, which allowed insufficient defenses to exist on databases, including inadequate encryption on some files, login authentication processes and network boundary security, according to a Government Accountability Office report​ made public on Thursday.

FDA CIO Todd Simpson on federal IT modernization


Sponsored video: FDA's Todd Simpson discusses ways to accelerate IT modernization in government as part of the IT Modernization Heroes series, sponsored by Dell and Intel.

Medical device makers need to share info, but how?


There's incredible diversity among medical device manufacturers, which raises some questions about what a threat information sharing would look like.