DOJ reviewing responses to congressional requests to improve correspondence management system


The agency has received an increasing number of complaints from lawmakers whose letters have gone unanswered.

Keeping the cyber ecosystem healthy; Making change happen in an organization


FBI's Philip Frigm Jr.; Former Deputy CTO of the United States Nick Sinai and former VA CTO Marina Nitze.

ONCD senior leader says FBI and operational cyber agencies have improved incident info sharing


Kemba Walden says governmentwide agencies are now being looped in faster when cyber breach details are reported.

FBI preparing for complete network infrastructure refresh


The bureau wants the latest details on software-defined networking from manufacturers before launching its Network Enterprise Redesign Initiative.

National Vetting Center piloting automation of citizenship verification


“We want to make sure that we are protecting privacy, to the extent we’re supposed to, when it comes to U.S. persons," said a DHS official.

Federal agencies struggled to share information in SolarWinds aftermath, GAO finds


Classified information created challenges, the GAO says, because agencies classify certain kinds of information differently.