executive video panel

Advancing missions with low-code applications


Leaders from Health and Human Services and KPMG discuss the promise of low-code platforms to help organizations modernize mission-critical operations faster.

How the cloud helps make logistics more resilient


Experts from Leidos and AWS discuss how the cloud, and their collaboration, are helping government agencies strengthen their logistical operations.

How 5G can contribute to greater national security


NSA Technical Director Neal Ziring and Verizon executive Wes Withrow discuss how 5G is demonstrating added value and greater security.

U.S. Navy’s CDO joins top tech leaders to discuss global data strategies


Leaders from the U.S. Navy and industry discuss the role of emerging tech and distributed data capabilities to improve connectivity issues critical to global data harmonization.

How Labor Department harnesses AI to improve services


Labor Department CTO Sanjay Koyani and HPE AI evangelist Steve Heibein compare lessons for advancing AI/ML use in government.

U.S. Army Chief on investments in “smart bases,” 5G networks and DOD networks


U.S. Army’s Dr. James Tucker Swindell II and Verizon’s Lamont Copeland discuss the advantages of enabling 5G and mobile edge compute within the DOD network infrastructure.