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Evolving Government: Leveraging a data catalog to understand your agency’s data


Op-Ed: Stephanie McReynolds of Alation explains how data catalogs allow organizations to easily find data, infer its context and track the path of data usage.

Good AI needs good data — and that’s a problem in government


A lack of good, labeled data is an impediment to good AI, says Thresher's Shannon Hynds.

Evolving Government: An artificial intelligence just for English


Major companies like IBM, Amazon and Microsoft, as well as upstarts like ours, Coseer, are investing in AI for language.

Evolving Government: DevOps is about communication first and technology second


In this contributed post, CloudApp's Sophia Sithole discusses the power of communication in DevOps.

Evolving Government: With legal tech, government can be quicker than you think


Conservative. Rule-bound. Slow. That sounds like a critique of big government, but it’s also how people see the legal industry.

Evolving Government: Bureaucrats will still matter even after AI becomes commonplace


AI has many exciting opportunities to free humans of mundane tasks, but when we remove the people from the process, we need to make sure we don’t leave their biases behind.