electronic warfare

Army wants to develop EW payloads launched from the air and potentially the ground


The Army is still working on the concept for ground-launched electronic warfare effects as requirements have not yet been written.

Army moving out on new short range and long-range electronic warfare platforms


The Army is planning a critical operational test next year for its first brigade signals intelligence and jamming platform, with designs for a larger such system being bid by two companies.

Army to create new offensive cyber and space program office


The Army is spinning cyber out from it's electronic warfare program office, in part, due to the joint programs it is delivering.

Army working through intelligence and electronic warfare management on integrated platform


With an integrated electronic warfare and signals intelligence platform forthcoming, the Army is working on managing these two disciplines that are governed by different authorities.

After zeroing out procurement, Army now finding aerial jammer to be critical enabler for multi-domain operations


The Multi-Function Electronic Warfare-Air Large jamming pod is expected to play a diverse role for the Army on multiple platforms.

Pentagon’s counter-UAS chief wants more widespread training on drone-killer systems


The Ukraine-Russia war highlights the need for more U.S. troops to learn how to use counter-drone weapons on the frontlines of future battlefields, according to the director of the Pentagon’s Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office.