electromagnetic spectrum

Senators propose big boost in funding to upgrade DOD’s test ranges


The chairman’s mark of the fiscal 2023 defense appropriations bill recommends spending about $1.8 billion on these efforts.

Electronic warfare ‘keeps me up at night’: undersecretary of the Army


Army Undersecretary Gabe Camarillo reiterates the department's investment in electronic warfare capabilities.

DOD wants to share electronic warfare capabilities across the military


Threats have forced the U.S. military to think differently about countermeasures to encompass the entire kill chain.

DOD placing greater emphasis on protecting electromagnetic systems targeted in electronic warfare


While often overlooked, electronic protection is getting more attention now among the electronic warfare community.

This Air Force unit will be critical to enabling JADC2


The 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing will help the Air Force sense and make sense of data through the electromagnetic spectrum within the JADC2 concept of operations.