electrical grid

Department of Energy challenge seeks tech to improve the power grid


What technologies can make this vital service safer, more efficient and more resilient against potential cyberattacks?

5 things to know about ARPA-E


The multimillion-dollar agency has been targeted for closure by the Trump administration, but Congress seems inclined to keep it thriving.

Power grid cyber deal between utility and National Guard hailed as model


The deal, under which Washington state's Air National Guard penetration tested the computer network of a state-owned utility, took two years to put together and could be replicated nationwide.

DOE proposes $15M fund to fight energy sector hacks


A proposed $15 million Energy Department fund announced Tuesday looks to improve the cybersecurity posture of the sector’s most vulnerable companies: smaller utility firms with less resources that typically supply energy to municipalities.

National Guard looks to private sector for cyber expertise


The Maryland National Guard wants to work with the cybersecurity industry to jointly recruit online warriors who could be activated for military duty in place at their civilian employers, the head of the state's Air National Guard​ Cyber Operations Group​ said.

U.S. power grid cyberattack: When, not if, says NSA chief


It's only a matter of time before a nation-state executes a successful cyber attack that causes significant damage to critical infrastructure in the U.S., the head of the National Security Agency told an audience of corporate cybersecurity specialists.