Elaine Chao

The first governmentwide automated-vehicle principles are ready for agencies


The guidance, outlined by Secretary Elaine Chao at the Consumer Electronics Show, is meant to help 38 federal bodies coordinate research, integrate the technology and avoid burdensome regulations.

DOT wants to use data science to make roads safer


In one pilot, the agency will partner with navigation app Waze to see if crowd-sourced hazard information can be used to predict future crashes.

Trump administration ‘evaluating’ Obama-era automated vehicle policy


The Trump administration is taking another look at the autonomous vehicles policy launched during the Obama administration, the new secretary of Transportation said Sunday.

There’s a place for tech in infrastructure planning, experts say


As transportation enthusiasts wait for President Donald Trump’s leadership to begin unveiling a plan for improving the nation’s infrastructure, experts said Tuesday that technology has a place in that discussion.

Chao punts on questions on regulating emerging transportation technology


In her nomination hearing, Transportation secretary pick Elaine Chao said the department would need to conduct a national conversation around the issues.