enterprise IT as a service (EITaaS)

Contract award imminent for EITaaS Wave 1, Air Force CIO says


Wave 1 of Enterprise IT as a Service will provide improved and consolidated service desks as well as a catalog for more than 700,000 users worldwide.

Navy shifts to enterprise IT services approach


The Navy's new IT operational model aims to reduce redundancy and increase cybersecurity.

Air Force’s Operation Flamethrower aims to torch outdated IT policy


With Operation Flamethrower, the Air Force is waging war against outdated IT policy as it tries to transition to a modern, secure enterprise network.

5G will require Air Force to rethink its networks, chief of staff says


The Air Force is on a mission to make sure its "digital backbone" is ready for any emerging technology to come, says Gen. Charles Q. Brown

Air Force taps AT&T 5G to boost network services at 3 bases


The Air Force is bringing 5G testing to its push for enterprise-IT-as-a-service, hoping the tech will enable greater networking on bases.

Coast Guard looking for input on data, cloud services to support intelligence enterprise


The Coast Gaurd is looking for information on data services, cloud management and a host of other IT needs, according to a new RFI.