Pandemic Analytics Center of Excellence will help IGs investigate fraud


COVID-19 relief fraud investigations will last the decade, but not much, if any, funding appears to be going to automated screening of loan applicants.

Missing E-Tran controls saw SBA issue $692M in duplicate pandemic relief loans


Proper screening could catch such errors, as well as fraud the agency is instead investigating after the fact.

SBA adapting IT systems providing COVID-19 relief amid program changes


The Biden administration made more changes to the Paycheck Protection Program on Wednesday, necessitating tweaks to E-Tran.

Connolly bashes Senate’s ‘short-sighted’ decision to kill TMF funding mid-pandemic


Connolly said he thought the House and Senate had reached a consensus agreement to fund the Technology Modernization Fund at around $5 billion or $6 billion.

FITARA grades mostly hold, improve amid agencies shift to remote work


IT modernization scores were generally strong as agencies accelerate, but cybersecurity remains a gap area.

Lawmakers question SBA technology investments after loan system outages


The Small Business Administration proposed replacing E-Tran by 2015, but in 2020 the loan system continues to be updated in lieu of modernization.