Donald Trump

OMB restores data-driven goal setting requirements that Trump nixed


The performance improvement and service delivery framework was eliminated right before Trump left office despite agencies' unanimous support.

Biden calls for tech modernization to boost workforce at national security, foreign policy agencies


Agencies must recommend innovative ways of recruiting and retaining tech talent, as well as surging hiring during crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pentagon: JEDI could be in jeopardy if court doesn’t dismiss political bias allegations


If it doesn't, it could "bring the future of the JEDI Cloud procurement into question," forcing the department to consider a different approach.

Biden’s COVID-19 strategy promises data-driven response, improved IT interoperability


Data support teams will help states and localities struggling to provide timely, reliable data on the virus' spread.

Agencies told to assess if they can end contracts for drones built by foreign adversaries


The executive order applies to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

National AI Initiative Office launched by White House


The new office is expected to coordinate research and policymaking across government, industry and academia for years to come.