DNC hack

The DNC hack: Are new norms needed?


In the wake of the Russian transfer of files from the Democratic National Committee to WikiLeaks, many voices across the political spectrum have urged a U.S. response to discourage further hacks from Russia. Otherwise, Russians might be tempted to manipulate electronic voting systems, throwing the integrity U.S. elections into doubt.

Deciphering President Obama’s cybersecurity talk with Vladimir Putin


​Amid escalating fears​ of a vulnerable, digitally dependent and therefore possibly hack-able presidential election looming back at home, U.S. President Barack Obama traveled to Hangzhou, China, over the weekend for the G20 Summit​.

Report: Evidence shows Russia also involved in state election hacking


Security researchers believe they have uncovered a piece of digital forensic evidence that suggests Russia may have been involved in the recently disclosed hacking of two state voter databases in the U.S.

International defense deal motivated by Russian hacking, experts say


Along Russia’s western border, a united, allied cybersecurity front — spanning multiple nations, intelligence agencies and spy networks — is gaining renewed support from Washington, according to a White House statement published​ last week.

Don’t allow Russia’s hacking to go unpunished, experts warn U.S.


Pressure is building on the Obama administration to publicly identify the Russian hackers officials believe are behind cyberattacks on both the Democratic and Republican national parties.

Senate looks to hire first ‘chief of information assurance’


The U.S. Senate Sergeant at Arms office, or SAA, is looking to hire​ a cybersecurity professional with “red team experience” who can “manage multi-million dollar annual budgets” and they’ve got up to $155,000 to hire them, according to a job posting​ published Friday.