directed energy

FAA evaluates unique laser-blocking eyewear developed by Air Force Research Lab


Lab officials expect first-round assessments from the FAA soon.

Pentagon’s counter-UAS chief wants more widespread training on drone-killer systems


The Ukraine-Russia war highlights the need for more U.S. troops to learn how to use counter-drone weapons on the frontlines of future battlefields, according to the director of the Pentagon’s Joint Counter-small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Office.

Hicks’ multi-state tour to focus on emerging and disruptive defense tech


Military technologies and strategic competition against China will be a primary focus for the deputy secretary of defense on her upcoming trip.

Senators propose big boost in funding to upgrade DOD’s test ranges


The chairman’s mark of the fiscal 2023 defense appropriations bill recommends spending about $1.8 billion on these efforts.

Bill would prod Pentagon to accelerate fielding of new tech to defeat drone swarms


Legislation calls for the Pentagon to develop a new a strategy to counter swarms of unmanned aerial systems.

Army moves to innovate how it shields aircraft from directed energy weapons


Small businesses are invited to apply to a new R&D opportunity.