direct-hire authority

OPM rules federal agencies can rehire staff at higher pay grades


The guidance comes as government departments look for further ways to hire technology talent.

Margaret Weichert details federal workforce progress, and what’s to come


Building in agility to federal service, she said, is "absolutely critical."

OPM finalizes IT direct-hire authority without changes


It looks exactly like the draft regulation that the personnel agency proposed last October.

Weichert: IT direct-hire authority is almost here


The final regulations for IT direct-hire authority will be published on the Federal Register in a matter of days.

2018 in review: Technology modernization meets the federal workforce


This year saw the Trump administration merge its goals of IT modernization and workforce reform by proposing to reskill federal employees.

OPM to delegate IT direct hire authority to agency heads


OPM published a proposed regulation in the Federal Register that would give CFO Act agencies direct hire authority when there is a shortage in skilled IT workers.