Def Con

Air Force wants cyber experts to ‘make a living’ off hacking its tech


The Air Force wants to do so many bug bounties that hackers can "make a living" off it. Eventually, hackers will be a brought into the design process.

DDS is interested in more than just the hacks at DEF CON’s aviation ‘village’


The head of the Defense Digital Service sees opportunities to bolster the military's cybersecurity workforce at the annual hacker conference in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas security conferences were crawling with feds


U.S. government officials descended on Las Vegas last week to strengthen existing and form new relationships with the cybersecurity and hacker communities.

You say you want a revolution: DARPA’s Cyber Grand Challenge


The finals of the Cyber Grand ​Challenge, which will be held by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency at the DEFCON security conference in Las Vegas next month, aim to see if a high performance computer system can discover and patch security systems automatically — without human intervention.