Seeing the citizen as a customer: Implementing a customer-first mindset in government

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As agencies work to implement mandates in the CX executive order to view citizens more as customers, they must make a more meaningful investment in culture change.

Industry collaboration will make or break cybersecurity executive order


Agencies' have previously struggled to find the right tech startups to implement zero-trust security.

What government needs to know about accelerators


In an op-ed, Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger explains why accelerators can be an important tool to bridge the gap between the tech industry and federal agencies.

With demand surging for government tech, Dcode shifts its accelerator model for startups


In going from a cohort-model to a rolling-admissions one, the federal technology accelerator hopes to meet surging government demand for tech.

How a small AI company found a way to scale its work for DOD


Shield AI, an artificial intelligence startup focused on military work, has found a tried-and-true way to scale its work with the DOD.

Dcode adds venture capital network to support government-focused startups


Dcode Capital is an "invitation-only network of angel investors, VCs, and technology and government legends" developed to invest in larger rounds of funding for tech companies serving the federal government.