Data Foundation

Data Foundation recommends installing federal chief data officer


The nonprofit says establishing the role would improve the visibility and capabilities of agency CDOs.

Legislation would see 8 federal regulators create financial data standards


The Financial Data Transparency Act would give them four years to open the data in a machine-readable format.

OMB fills chief statistician vacancy after 2 years


Karin Orvis is tasked with ensuring the government has high-quality, actionable data to inform policy decisions.

White House declares Year of Evidence for agencies


The effort builds on work to increase governmentwide use of evidence to make policy and program decisions and restore trust in government.

USCIS chief data officer prioritizing data quality in fiscal 2022


Linking digital records around the same person is key to streamlining the processing of immigration benefits.

Harnessing data at the Dept. of Education; Attracting data talent for the federal workforce


On the latest episode of The Daily Scoop Podcast, Department of Education CISO Steven Hernandez on how data is crucial to his organization and Data Foundation President Nick Hart on new job classifications for data scientists in government.