Data Coalition

CFTC eyes natural language processing to standardize data, improve customer experience


Commodity Futures Trading Commission employees need standardized data to effectively oversee product markets.

Education Department is getting ‘smarter’ about hiring, training data scientists


The department is crafting its first data-focused workforce plan with an emphasis on professional development.

Data community asks OMB to remember data funding in fiscal 2022


Reissuing a national data strategy, launching a national secure data service and giving chief data officers $50 million also made the Data Coalition's open letter.

GAO says AI oversight framework will help in continuously monitoring agencies


Federal officials have floated the possibility of the AI framework functioning like a scorecard for agencies. The GSA's Taka Ariga says it needs "practical" principles if it's going to work.

Industry pushes agencies on automating data governance under Federal Data Strategy


Software companies want the Federal Data Strategy Year 2 action plan to mandate agencies use platforms like the ones they offer to address their data duplication, integration and privacy challenges.

Data Coalition makes 10 data recommendations for next White House


The list begins with refocusing the Federal Data Strategy on core priorities like pandemic response.