Army Futures Command is key to retooling military, Shanahan says


The Pentagon's No. 2 called on the defense community to support the brand-new command as it works to modernize the military's approach to great-power competition.

Pentagon watchdog will audit combatant commands’ cyberwar plans


The Department of Defense inspector general will audit how the U.S. military's combatant commands are planning for cyberwar, the watchdog said this week.

Thailand approves cyber plan, including offense for deterrence


Thailand's military-appointed government Monday approved a draft national cybersecurity plan that calls for offensive online military capabilities — highlighting the fast-growing number of nations developing offensive cyber weapons and units in a volatile region roiled by hacktivism and Chinese maritime territorial claims.

China accused of launching ‘cyber war’ over contested islands


China, in pursuit of its territorial claims in the resource-rich South China Sea, is resorting to low-level cyber warfare against the Philippines and Vietnam — the two nations who recently won an international legal case against the Communist government.

U.S. military rebooting ISIL-focused cyberwar task force


The U.S. military has established a special cyberwar task force at U.S. Cyber Command in Fort Meade, Md., to carry out cyberattacks against ISIS in Syria and Iraq, after disappointment at the ineffectual character of initial efforts, reports said Friday.

Ex-NSA chief: Responding to cyberattacks is a government responsibility


U.S. Lawmakers asked cybersecurity officials and experts what they believe constitutes a cyber act of war to define rules of engagement.