Cyber Talent Management System

Kiran Ahuja: OPM working to address ‘true angst’ over federal IT hiring inequities


The Office of Personnel Management director says her agency is launching a governmentwide pay band for federal cyber and IT staff and will set up a new office for talent and innovation.

Cyber Talent Management System expected to produce results ‘within months,’ DHS leader says


DHS Under Secretary Robert Silvers says the department continues to look at streamlining hiring processes.

Office of the National Cyber Director needs federal funds to meet hiring goals


The national cyber director says that until Congress passes the $1.75 trillion spending bill, cyber staffing will suffer.

DHS creates Cybersecurity Service similar to DOD’s Cyber Excepted Service


DHS has established a system to hire cyber personnel in excepted service roles with their own qualification requirements and that are not subject to rules of traditional competitive service positions.

DHS is rebalancing cyber support contracts


The Department of Homeland Security wants to ensure its workforce has the skills needed to respond to evolving threats.

DHS ‘blew up’ its hiring system for cybersecurity talent


The new process will offer market-sensitive pay across the board and enable the department to make job offers more quickly, such as at tech conferences.