Agencies face continued challenges making security data ready for machine learning


While agencies have advanced capabilities to monitor and analyze user behavioral data, they need added analytics and ML support to improve cyber resilience, according to a new report.

NIST revises flagship cyber resiliency guidance


The revised controls are mapped to MITRE's ATT&CK threat framework.

How cloud security tools provide greater return on agency resources


Cloud-based security and real-time analytics tools are improving security and ROI for government cybersecurity programs.

Defending the remote workforce against enterprise cyberattacks


An increase in remote workers offers adversaries more opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities, but DNS security tools can help agencies stem attacks at the edge, says security expert.

How network modeling and cyber hygiene improve security odds for federal agencies


Modern network modeling platforms will help equip agencies to find and automatically update outdated configuration rules lurking on aging infrastructure.

What’s your agency’s cyber resiliency score?


If the NotPetya attacks taught big enterprises anything, it was the importance of giving greater priority to the fundamentals of configuration hygiene.