Copyright Office

Library of Congress launches key module for new copyright records platform


The library's Office of the Chief Information Officer is working to digitize copyright ownership transfer requests with a digital submission process.

Copyright Office seeks comment on IT modernization plan


The estimated $165 million plan aims to link integrate two of the office's key systems for tracking copyright information for songs, books and other creative works.

Patent office systems back online after nearly weeklong outage


The agency blamed a power supply line malfunction for the outage, which took filing, searching and payment systems offline.

Bill would make Copyright Office a standalone agency


House lawmakers introduced a bill that would remove the Copyright Office from the Library of Congress and make it an independent agency — a move meant, in part, to correct deficiencies in the office’s IT.

Library of Congress, Copyright Office butt heads over IT vision


House Administration Committee heard from the chief of the Copyright Office, who pushed for more autonomy over her agency's technology.

Copyright Register: IT outage shows why agency must modernize


The Copyright Office released the final version of a report to update its agency. It calls, in part, for more autonomy over its technology systems.