Army to kick off ‘bring your own device’ pilot in coming weeks


The initiative will allow soldiers to plug their personal IT devices into Army networks.

NASA looks to commercialize Near Space through private sector services


The new capabilities sought would benefit NASA and spaceflight companies' missions within 2 million kilometers of Earth.

Ukraine-Russia war teaching US military a lesson about secure communications


The ongoing conflict demonstrates the need for secure battlefield communication and the potential for soldiers to undermine it.

Marine Corps outlines priorities for improving tactical data and communications capabilities


Marine Corps Systems Command has several priorities for improving how Marines talk and pass data at the tactical edge in the next two years.

‘A lot of work’ still required to enable 5G integration for U.S. military


The NSA wants to help with security, interoperability and deployability requirements for 5G defense applications, says the agency's Neal Ziring.

Gen. Hyten: Military’s vision for connected warfare must include allies


The U.S. military's vision for JADC2 can't leave out the ability to connect to its allied partners across the globe, Gen. John Hyten said.