Colonial Pipeline

TSA revises cybersecurity guidelines for gas pipeline owners and operators


DHS says the new requirements allow greater flexibility and are supported by continuous monitoring.

NOAA ‘inadequately’ managed account privileges on 3 active directories


An audit by the Department of Commerce Office of Inspector General finds the agency opened itself to cyberattacks.

Senators seek update on DHS, DOT cybersecurity efforts for transportation systems


The ransomware attack on Colonial Pipeline in 2021 and the fact that only 60% of state and local transit agencies have a cyber plan in place have lawmakers worried.

CISA working group assessing cyber risks to space infrastructure


CISA's working group will emulate the public-private partnership used to protect pipeline operators.

TSA will require high-risk air and rail transit entities to report cyberattacks


The directive will be modeled after similar ones issued to pipeline operators following the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack.

Federal CIO Martorana: ‘We must focus on service delivery to the American public’


Clare Martorana says a more product-focused mindset will help agencies deliver a better experience for citizens.