Inflation Reduction Act to include $4.8B for IRS to beef up IT systems


The bill includes funding for the Internal Revenue Service to modernize its IT business systems and digital asset monitoring. 

CBP scores $15M TMF award to modernize import tracking system


CBP wants to breathe new life into its 30-year-old Automated Commercial System, a mainframe platform that runs on 3.9 million lines of COBOL code to track, control, and process everything imported into the U.S.

Select data centers should specialize in shared services, says director of consolidation effort


Archiving or mainframe-as-a-service should be housed in a single data center, says Thomas Santucci.

Labor Department lends a hand with states’ overwhelmed unemployment systems


The Department of Labor and other federal partners have formed a "response team" to help with overwhelmed state unemployment systems, CIO Gundeep Ahluwalia told FedScoop in an interview.